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Drop Me Anywhere

20 Jan


Hello. It’s been a while since we last spoke. If you follow my other blog, My Own Adventure, you’ll already know what I’ve been up to. If not, please stop by there, read what you find interesting (if you enjoy Rebel-With-A-Cause then you might enjoy the post, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”). In the meantime, I have an announcement to make.

A few months ago a friend, who has started a non-profit asked me what three things my “dream job” would entail. After very little consideration I replied, “Travel, Writing and Helping the World.” I thought little about it until a Twitter chat led to an idea which received enormous support. It’s called “Drop Me Anywhere.”

It’s travel writing with a twist – actually, a few twists. It’s the first interactive travel writing site. It’s travel without a plan. And the great part is that you decide to where I travel. Yes, you vote on where to drop me. I travel there, usually within a couple of weeks, with minimal planning and report back to you in what has been described as a snarky, entertaining way. I will include pricing information, vendor and housing links, and other useful information should you choose to do a similar trip yourself. But that’s just the first twist.

One other important twist is the tie-in with Rebel-With-A-Cause. On each trip, I will find an organization to spend a day, or part of a day volunteering with. After lending any assistance I can, I will profile that organization on this site. I’ll let you know what they do, who they help, how they help them, what you can do to help them, and how to contact them. As always, Rebel-With-A-Cause will remain snark-free as, I will make fun of my own life, but not of someone else’s.

One final twist is something I’m calling “Kickstarter Miles.” While I hope to sell some articles, and I will be accepting advertising (only on Drop Me Anywhere, not on Rebel-With-A-Cause), I have no idea if I can make enough money to support myself and this project. As airfare will be the biggest expense, I’m asking that you think about donating some frequent flyer miles to this project. Like any official Kickstarter project (this isn’t one of them and is no way affiliated with them), depending on the amount you donate, you’ll receive rewards. Supporters have already donated 60,000 miles! So please go to the Donate Miles page and check out how to do it and what the rewards are.*

So that’s Drop Me Anywhere. Please click on the subscribe button on the home page and follow both Drop Me Anywhere and Rebel-With-A-Cause. You decide where in the world I go to do some good.  And maybe in the end, you’ll have a chance to buy the book.


*There’s just one hitch here – The airlines have varying fees in order for you to gift miles. I’m currently in communication with them requesting that the fee be waived in exchange for an advertising block on the Donate Miles page. So far no luck. If you have any pull with any of the airlines, please contact me.

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